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Training Facility Preview

on June 25, 2012

Some months ago, during the Union town hall meeting for the top 100 STH’s, mention was made of the club constructing a new training facility for the club nearby. After that, not a word. So last week, I talked to Coach Hack briefly on what he’d heard or knew about the facility-to-be.

Google aerial photo of PPL Park and SW

The team is in the process of finishing up the real-estate bits and ends and paperwork, but they’re hopeful that they can break ground on the training fields “hopefully sometime this fall”. They’ll be building the training facility about 300 yds southwest of PPL Park. From what I understand, the electrical equipment around Lot C will be the future home of at least two fields: one grass and one artificial turf so they can get used to playing on both.

By the way, for those of you wondering what the big building is that is between Lot C and the river, it was the electricity generating station for the local utility company. A few years ago, the town decided to redo the building so now it has a big auditorium (“Turbine Hall”, not used much these days) and a host of office spaces for guys like Wells Fargo and the like. Ideally, I’d love to take that whole building and convert it to a “La Masia”-style youth academy. Perhaps someday…

In any case, considering PPL Park took around 18 months or so to build, figure something like that for a quality training facility if they’re going to do anything substantial beyond just the few training fields. Maybe we go the Barça route and put in our own MiniEstadi for our reserve and academy players. The small matter of actually building the thing may be in some jeopardy with the impasse on tax revenue between the Union and the City of Chester. But Coach Hack seems hopeful at any rate.

In other news: Still no word on when (or at this point, if) they’ll ever get around to paving Lot B. Or any other lot. C’mon, Union, it’s been three years!


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