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Live from Cherry Hill: It’s Zac, Coach Hack, and Nick Sack

on June 19, 2012

I was planning to just thumb through Twitter to see what exactly was said at the WIP Union radio show, but then Heather convinced me to come out with food, since it was at PJ Whelihan’s Definitely-Irish Stop-Giving-Me-That-Look Authentic-Genuine Pub & Grille. To be honest, I couldn’t hear a lot of what was said, mostly because even though we sat right in front of them, the speakers were made for volume, not clarity. So when you speak at a normal voice, it’s hard to understand.

In any case, I got to talk to the people who showed up for a few minutes before or afterward. Here’s the gist of what they said…

Philadelphia Union CEO Nick Sackiewicz: “No, we’re not hiring. Although I did get a lot of coaching résumés in the last week… No, we’re not hiring teachers. Yes, I’m sure.”

Union GK Zac MacMath: Those helmets are uncomfortable and don’t help much. Krystian Witkowski is still down with major concussion symptoms and has been for some time; he’s been seeing a specialist, but it’ll take time. Also, a 3v3 beach soccer tournament would be awesome.

Coach Hackworth: Still haven’t heard anything about the All-Star Game coaching thing. Basically taking the whole coaching thing one day at a time, not worrying about the future too much (within reason). The “Capri Sun Incident” was just two of his youth team members. Training Center will “hopefully” break ground this fall (I’ll put more up about this soon).


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