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The Nowak Era Has Ended

on June 13, 2012

So between the two games of EURO 2012, this happened.

The Philly Soccer Page » Peter Nowak departs the Union.

I must admit, I harbour a mixture of feelings about this. Shock, relief, and resignation among others.

Shock that they did it now. Many of us saw that if the Union continued on this destructive path, that Nowak would be forced out. Although, much like other recent Union personnel moves, this came out quick and dirty.

Relief that, one would hope, the bleeding out of veteran (as much as can be) Union players in return for allocation money and underwhelming players has stopped. God willing, the freefall in the standings will at least be arrested and reversed under a new manager. Yes, I realize Coach Hackworth was Nowak’s second in command and change won’t come quickly, but at least it’s a start.

Which leads me to “resignation”. The players are traded, the damage is done, the horse is out of the barn. Things aren’t going to immediately get better. We’re (probably) not going to go on a 10 game winning streak now that Nowak is out. We’re (likely) not going to be able to clinch first place in the east this time around. But at least it’s a start. I’m hoping a playoff spot in some fashion isn’t too far of a stretch for us.

I bear no hostility to Coach Nowak. He’s a good guy and he’ll likely continue to do great things. I wish him well. But we have to focus on our club and turn our ship around.

Nowak is gone. Long live Hackworth! Long may we DOOP!


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