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A Wedding, a Game, and a Quick Convo with Nick S

on May 27, 2012

While the Union was up in Toronto, I was busy on usher duty at my friend’s wedding. (Congrats to Andrew and Kim!). I was three drinks into the reception when I saw the final score from BMO field. Shortly after, I lost count of my drinks. It was just as well that I didn’t watch judging from the twitter hate.

As all-consuming as club soccer can be, it’s nice to get away for a change. See the flowers blooming. Talk with old friends. Stand in withering humidity wearing more layers than is advisable while drinking gin. Laugh at your friends as they go ultra while dancing to “Baby Got Back”. Yes, sometimes it’s nice to get away, particularly when you find out just how far they’ve fallen from as recently as last year.

M. Rapinoe on defense. 27 May 2012

M. Rapinoe on defense. USWNT v China

To add to my epic weekend, we got tickets to the USWNT friendly v China. A solid 4-1 win and a very entertaining game, which would’ve been a nice contrast to watching the Union game had I actually seen it. After the game, I saw Nick Sackiewicz in the shop afterwards. Mr. Sackiewicz, for those of you who don’t know, is the CEO of the Union. I asked him what happened in the Toronto game because I couldn’t see it myself because of the wedding. “Good… it was better you didn’t see it. Our boys were scared… lots of high balls and the like. It was a baptism by fire for some of them”. At least he’s honest about that…

Also asked him about future signings with our allocation money. Couldn’t speak to specifics, but said “We’re looking to sign a forward and a defender. We may not wait until the official transfer window opens”. I also asked about the USMNT coming to PPL park. “Jürgen loves this stadium” he replied. They’re still working out World Cup qualifier venues. Here’s to the USWNT doing awesome things at the Olympics, the USMNT coming to PPL, the Union doing better so I can stop sighing heavily everytime I talk about them, and a good end to Memorial Day weekend and the beginning of summer.



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