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Women in FIFA

on May 16, 2012

Heather and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the USWNT’s game against China in a few weeks. Even more lucky that the game is after two of my friends get married so we can actually go. According to The Equalizer, over 13,000 tickets have been sold for the match during Memorial Day weekend at PPL Park. While that’s still only about 75% of the stadium, it’s infinitely better than the two and a half thousand some people who came to PPL last time. Reading The Equalizer’s article reminded me of an argument I made a few weeks ago…

Include women’s soccer in the FIFA video game series.

Including women in the FIFA franchise will help to expand the market of the game at (what seems to be) a small outlay. The mechanics and software have been around for years, and players often make players to play other players while they play. (You know what I mean.) Granted, fees and rights would likely have to be discussed, but I don’t see any real reason why they couldn’t be included somehow, even if it was just the national teams.

It’d be even better if they could make an edition for the 2015 WWC in Canada. Again, there’s precedence when EA made a 2010 WC game with the FIFA franchise and included almost every national team who qualified or attempted to.

Adding women’s soccer to FIFA would also raise the visibility of the women’s game in general. I know I’m just as guilty as many others of ignoring and/or placing a higher priority on the men’s game. But they work just as hard as the men’s teams and deserve to be recognized as much for their efforts. And if you’re going to compare the US national teams, the comparison gets even starker. The WNT has won two World Cups and has never done worse then third. They are generally accepted to be a powerhouse in the women’s game. On the men’s side, we’ve won… a few Gold Cups and put up a fight in a Confederations Cup or two. Although World Cup 2014 qualifiers start soon, so here’s hoping for a better tournament.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing a FIFA cover with Robin van Persie, Hope Solo, and Tim Howard.

What do the rest of you think?


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