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Initial Thoughts on Califf to Chivas

on May 16, 2012

The trade for Califf to Chivas seems to be all but finished. But after watching Coach Nowak’s press conference, not feeling any better about it. Too many unanswered questions and issues surrounding it.

Return on Investment

Califf has been a solid center defender for us and is a Union Original. Nowak says we’ll be getting a player and “something else”. Juan Pablo Angel would be a nice player to have. He’s good in the air, a solid player up top, and will add to the overall Colombianishness of the team. But the lad is expensive, he’s up there in age, and has gotten knocked around his fair share. Incidentally, there’s zero guarantee that it would be JPA.

Also, getting quite cross at all the moves for allocation money. (See: Seba). The whole point of getting allocation money is to be able to use it on something or someone. It’s not like Scrooge McDuck where we make mountains of shiny coins; it has to be put to good use. I’m happy that we’re doing well on the business end of things (although with Chester City Council’s plans for taxes, who knows if that’ll last), but if we’re not using it to make our team better, what’s the point of having allocation money?

Whatever and whoever we get has to make our team better than it was before.

Is there a plan?

There seems to be a few schools of thought when it comes to Coach Nowak at the moment. Either he has no idea what he’s doing, he does know what he’s doing and we don’t understand it, or he knows what he wants to do and it’s not working the way he wants it to.

As much flak as we’ve given him over the season and the last few years (much of it deserved for a variety of reasons), the man has been a player and a coach for several decades. He’s the only person to win the MLS cup as a player and a coach. You don’t get to those points in your career if you don’t know what you’re doing.

I really hope that there is a plan and that it does work out. I want to have faith, but it’s hard when the only reason you’re not last is because of Toronto. And when we’ve lost so many solid people like Le Toux, Harvey, Mondragon, Paunovic, and now Califf, it gets harder. We were a playoff team last year, and now we can’t even win at home. Something is very wrong here…

We’ll miss you, Danny Boy.


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