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Starting pt 2

on May 16, 2012

So who can the internet blame and/or thank for my latest foray into typing angrily and/or joyfully about all manner of things that will likely enthrall a grand total of a handful of people?


And Ed Welsh. 

Those of you who are of a unionist persuasion likely have happened upon the site that he writes for, Union Dues. (Side note: I once tried to create a chart/article about refereeing forecasts for the site. It got so hideously complicated that my brain abandoned it. Sorry, Murph.) 

A few weeks ago, ESPN was nice enough to show the Manchester Derby on its main channel, not relegated to ESPN 47. And lo, it was good, save for the fact that Manchester City won. Not too long after that, Deadspin decided to show a sampling of tweets which vehemently disagreed with showing soccer on regular ESPN for a variety of reasons. Chief among them: it was un-American and/or “gay”. 

I took to twitter to vent my frustrations. Ed asked if I could gather those tweets into an article.

This was the result. 

We’ll see how intelligently I can type. I’ll do my best not to turn emo, unless the situation clearly calls for it. The European soccer season is almost over, save for the Champions league final this Saturday. Afterwards, we have EURO 2012 coming up before the London Olympics. The EURO’s will be on ESPN and ESPN2. No doubt we’ll see all kinds of vitriol online, but we’ll deal with it or ignore it as we go.


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